ACME Center Structure

The mission of the ACME POCT is to assist and enable inventors and clinicians at a national level who have developed or are developing microsystems based POC technologies to define their clinical needs, conduct clinical validation, and refine their technology with the objective of accelerating the path to translation and clinical adoption. 


ACME POCT is comprised of 4 cores to accomplish this mission:

Core 1 - Administrative Core

Core 2 - Technology Development & Refinement Core

Core 3 - Clinical Translation & Validation Core

Core 4 - Technology Training & Dissemination Core

We initiated our call for proposals with the theme of “Microfluidics/Lab-on-a-Chip Point-of-Care Technologies” in which our priority for our call for applications is to fund clinically relevant microfluidics-based proposals for devices that have already been through some level of investment in research, development, evaluation, or clinical validation but have been unable to progress due to a significant and definable barrier that can be resolved through additional funds and/or targeted expertise in engineering, regulatory, or other type of specific expert contribution.