ACME Center Structure

The mission of the ACME POCT is to assist and enable inventors and clinicians at a national level who have developed or are developing microsystems based POC technologies to define their clinical needs, conduct clinical validation, and refine their technology with the objective of accelerating the path to translation and clinical adoption.  Our Center is comprised of 4 cores designed to accomplish this mission:

Core 1 - Administrative Core

Oversees operations of our Center and, using a hands-on approach, ensure all POCTRN projects benefit from our vast biomedical innovation ecosystem and unique infrastructures.

Core 2 - Technology Core

Evaluates and supports technological development/refinement of the selected annual microsystems-based projects as well as other projects aimed at advancing the entire field of microsystems-based POC technologies in general. 

Core 3 - Clinical Core

Directs independent lab-based and clinical evaluation/validation testing of all microsystems-based POC diagnostics projects including human factors and usability, technical feasibility, regulatory insights, and laboratory and human subjects testing using our POC-centric clinical research infrastructure and a diverse pool of physician key opinion leaders (KOLs). 

Core 4 - Dissemination Core

Develops cross-disciplinary training activities for all stakeholders (clinicians, microsystems engineers, POC technology developers, patients, patient/community advocacy groups, general public), conducts assessments of clinical/user needs, and disseminates lessons and best practices learned through multiple communication channels.