ACME Initiatives

The Atlanta Center for Microsystems Engineered Point-of-Care Technologies (ACME POCT) is dedicated to developing, translating, and integrating into clinical practice, microchip-based technologies for medical applications. We have a variety of activities and events we undertake to accomplish this mission:

GLUE Learning Events

As part of the ACME POCT Oliver Brand Memorial Lecture Series, GLUE events serve as our primary venue to educate on the entrepreneurial pathway and product lifecycle. 

On average we host 4 events a year with a variety of seasonsed experts across curated disciplines. 

Annual Award Opportunity

Every spring ACME POCT releases a solicitation seeking promising new POCT ventures. We seek to match project teams currently developing microsystems-based POC technologies with one or more ACME POCT services to facilitate translation to the highest clinical impact.  

Services offerd By ACME POCT

As member of the national Point-of-Care Technologies Research Network (POCTRN), ACME supports innovative ventures by using the HealthTech Innovation Cycle framework consisting of 10 innovation maturity levels across 4 domains: CLINICAL, MARKET/BUSINESS, REGULATORY,  and TECHNOLOGY. We offer services in each of these domains.