Participate in COVID-19 Research

RADx COVID-19, Flu and RSV Test Research Study

Purpose of study

We are partnering with the National Institutes of Health's Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) program to assess new rapid COVID-19, flu and RSV tests for accuracy and usability.

If you participate in this study, you will receive a no-cost polymerase chain reaction (PCR) COVID test. You may also receive a rapid test kit with instructions to perform a test on yourself or your child. Additionally, we may ask that you give another sample that may include a nasal swab, throat swab, saliva or blood (fingerstick).

Participant eligibility

We are looking for test samples and feedback from children and adults with COVID-19, flu and RSV symptoms.


Test Location Hours

Monday - Friday

8:30am - 3:30pm

Location of study

Appointments are required:

Questions? Call: 404-727-4250 


Where To Get Tested

Our site is located at 59 Executive Park South NE Atlanta, GA 30324

Questions? Call: 404-727-4250