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Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, the US system for developing and testing technologies was challenged in unparalleled ways. This article describes the multi-institutional, transdisciplinary team of the “RADxSM Tech Test Verification Core” and its role in expediting evaluations of COVID-19 testing devices. Expertise related to aspects of diagnostic testing was coordinated to evaluate testing devices with the goal of significantly expanding the ability to mass screen Americans to preserve lives and facilitate the safe return to work and school.

Nehl, E., Heilman, S., Ku, D., Gottfried, D., Farmer, S., Mannino, R., Tyburski, E., Sullivan, J., Suessmith, A., Bassit, L., Figueroa, J., Wood, A., Leong, T., Rao, A., Rogers, B., Jerris, R., Park, S., Gonzalez, M., Frediani, J., Morris, C., … Lam, W. (2021). The RADx Tech Test Verification Core and the ACME POCT in the Evaluation of COVID-19 Testing Devices: A Model for Progress and Change. IEEE open journal of engineering in medicine and biology, 2, 142–151.